Hospice at Trillium

Hospice at Trillium

Hospice at Trillium has been in operation since 2015 and is operated in partnership with Vancouver Island Health Authority. The Hospice features 5 beautiful private rooms, a family room, and a large private garden space.

Hospice palliative care, also called end-of-life care, includes a range of services for dying people of all ages, including children, and their families. Quality End-of-Life care supports palliative clients, their families and caregivers before, during and after death, and addresses aspects of the illness and death experience that are:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • psychological
  • practical

Our focus is on comfort rather than curing an illness, to give people the best possible quality of life. For more information, please view the Island Health Authority page. 

Thank you to Dennis Grady of Village Green Landscaping for your hard work and dedication in making the garden area as beautiful and welcoming as it is. Thank you to Brian Argyle for the photographs of the garden area taken August 2019.

We strive to provide links in the continuum of care by supporting care giving at home, in hospital, Hospice at Trillium and at community care facilities throughout our community.


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